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Estimate on a Swap


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Estimate on a Swap

I'm trying to get a ballpark figure for a swap for the 2006 or 2007 Honda Accord V6 transmission in the Miami area (anywhere from Martin county on down, I live in southern Palm Beach County). I'm asking because I'm attempting to get the shop that put in my first rebuild 26,000 miles ago and misdiagnosed the problem this second go round to perform it at a reduced cost (or free if I'm lucky).. I know it's not necessarily the greatest idea to have someone who hasn't done a great job up to this point to do more work, but my options are severely limited by situation at the current time. I can't make the money quickly to pay a more competent job to do the swap without reliable transportation (the job I just took is literally 120 miles round trip daily) so Uber and Lyft are out. My husband understands some about the process so I'm hoping him being there when it's fixed will ensure nothing gets messed up and from the directions online it doesn't look too complicated.

I just need a price range if I supply all the parts, so just the labor aspect. A ballpark of the hours it takes would be helpful as well. I know some in here have done the swap themselves, about how long did it take you?

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